Ashridge Court Care Centre


Meet our resident Barbara

At the time of her retirement, Barbara was not ready to stop challenging herself. Instead of dithering (as she put it) she developed a passion, and that passion was quilting.

Now, nearly thirty years down the line, Barbara has seen her designs be recognised as both excellent and prize winning, having won several quilting competitions. She describes the craft as being “not just sewing. It is designing, getting the fabrics and you have to be careful”. One would be inclined to listen!

Barbara is now 94 and still going strong. She finds scrabble as entertaining as it was when she was a girl, however she is “not a crossword addict”. She is, in fact, still a conversation addict conversation, and given the long and interesting life she has had, there is plenty to talk about!

Unfortunately, for security reasons, Barbara’s work in the civil service is strictly confidential. However, we do know that she “never regretted it. It was interesting and hard work, but very good”.

After having two children herself, Barbara became a great-grandmother to a little boy just this January. In fact, he was born the day Barbara moved into Ashridge – what a wonderful welcome gift! Unfortunately, she has only met him once, through the window of her room, due to the Covid-19 social distancing regulations. Nonetheless, she hopes to reunite with her family when she can.

Barbara came to Ashridge and the capable hands of the care team after a nasty fall just before the pandemic. This left her stranded in hospital, moving around various hospital beds but unable to leave. She likes being at Ashridge, although still feels nostalgic about living independently at times.

Nowadays, Barbara loves the wildlife that she can clearly see from her ground-floor window. From baby squirrels to foxes and rare birds, she can feed and get within touching distance of a lot of animals, which she finds “lovely”.