However active you are there is a full life to be lived at our home. We will support how you choose to spend your day, asking you each morning what you prefer to do and when, ensuring that you receive a lot of interaction – with visitors, care and activities staff and also our housekeeping team. This is what a day in our home may look like:

Waking and getting ready for the day

Some of our residents like to be awake early while others like a lie-in. When you wake up, we will ask you if you would like something to eat or drink, and then support you to get washed, dressed and ready for the day.


You can opt for a cooked breakfast, cereal, toast or a continental breakfast, which we will bring to your room. If you struggle with eating we will support you.

Morning leisure

After breakfast you can relax in your room before our activities start mid-morning. You will have access to the same activities as everyone else – our wellbeing team will bring an activity (a quiz, puzzle, craft project, for example) to your room or you can simply chat together! Or you may receive a visit from a friend or relative. During the morning, too, our housekeeping team will clean and tidy your room/ensuite facilities, which can be another chance to chat, if you like.


This is normally the main meal of the day and we offer plenty of choice, including options for special dietary requirements.

Afternoon fun and entertainment

If you are in a wheelchair you can join us in the lounge or garden (depending on the weather) for whatever the activities team has organised for that afternoon’s activity, or our activities staff can support you with an activity in your room. You may also just want to chat with visitors or relax quietly in your room.


This could be a light snack of soup and sandwiches or a hot food option, followed by a dessert, such as fruit or yoghurt.

Evening relaxation

After supper many residents relax with a book, watch TV or chat with family via phone or video link. Later you will be supported to get undressed, washed and ready to sleep. We also come round with hot or cold drinks and a bedtime snack.


Our residents are generally tired after a busy day and look forward to a refreshing sleep.