About us

Canford Healthcare is the parent company of a group of care homes across Kent, East Sussex, Essex and Middlesex.

Since 2007 we have been providing exceptional residential and nursing care to elderly people, often incorporating specialist support for residents with more complex needs, such as dementia, who find life particularly challenging.

Care may be what we do here at Canford Healthcare, but we like to think that it’s much more than that. We also aspire to be our residents’ ‘home from home’, a place where they can live in comfort and safety, surrounded by their most treasured items, and enjoy quality time with their loved ones.

  • Our family and care ethos
  • Our ideal candidates
  • Our vision and values

Our family and care ethos

We offer person-centred care, treating our residents as individuals and always respecting their dignity and independence, rather than simply performing our tasks out of a sense of duty. We make it a priority to get to know everything we can about our residents – their life story, likes, dislikes, hobbies, lifestyle and family history. For us it’s all about warmth and empathy. In every situation we ask ourselves, “Would I feel comfortable receiving care in this way?” and “How would I want my mum/dad/gran treated in this situation?”.

We believe that each of our 1100 employees plays a vital role, contributing directly to the company’s growth and success. So we repay their dedication and loyalty by regularly investing in their development and progression. We offer them myriad opportunities to increase their knowledge and skills and we recognise people’s individual achievements and long service via certificates, medals and vouchers, as well as profiles on our company website and on social media. It’s no accident that motivated and well-trained employees provide a happier and more flourishing environment, instilling confidence in residents (and their families) that this is the right home for them. That’s why we also offer a wide range of competitive and industry-leading benefits.

We have a strong sense of family in each of our homes, and that extends across all our staff, our residents and their families. Working in one of our care homes means that you can enjoy community and company, with support from a friendly and professional team.

Our ideal candidates

We are always looking for hard-working people who live and work according to values and who have a passion for care, to join our organisation. For us, the ideal candidate takes pride in being a dedicated and valued member of our team, willing to go the extra mile. In return, we offer you a solid, long-term career path that is challenging, enjoyable and rewarding, along with every support in gaining well-respected and valuable professional qualifications.

Our vision and values

Our vision is to ensure that we deliver outstanding care to residents and, to do this, we must employ the best people. This aspiration – and everything we do as a company – is underpinned by our values of Care, Family, Honesty and Commitment. Strong and consistent relationships between employees, as well as trust, mutual respect and a focus on dignity, have been fundamental to our success so far. As each of our employees perform their own roles, whether these are care or support office, this contributes towards the achievement of our goals and the shaping of our organisation.

Our staff come from all walks of life – as do our residents – and as a company we both recognise and celebrate our many differences. We like to think that we create an inclusive environment where everyone can grow and flourish, fulfil their roles, live our vision and values and make their own immense contribution to our company vision and goals.

Our support teams – finance, HR, learning and development, marketing, facilities and health and safety – are based at our support offices in Maidstone and Bournemouth.