We are always delighted to welcome our residents’ family and friends to the home. In fact, we treat our residents’ loved ones as part of our own extended family.

Visiting the home

Visitors can come to the home at any time and for as long as they (and their loved one) wish. There are plenty of places where everyone can catch up over a cup of tea – in individual resident’s rooms, the lounges, quiet areas around the home or in our comfortable, landscaped garden on warm days.

We love it when visitors join us and their loved ones for activities, family celebrations or events such as our regular BBQs or garden parties. In fact, the more the merrier!

Supporting you

Sometimes families need a bit of help and support, especially if their relative is poorly or approaching the end of their life. We communicate frequently with all our families, in addition to the usual monthly care plan reviews which our residents’ families are welcome to attend. And, of course, if you join our Relatives Gateway, you will be able to see at a glance what your loved one has been doing, eating or drinking at every time of the day or night. If there are things you are concerned about, please let us know.