Congratulations! You have made the all-important decision to move into our home. You have had your pre-admission assessment with the home manager, your care plan is being drafted and how you are going to finance your care has been agreed. You and the home team have also decided on a moving-in date.

So, it’s now time to think about what you are going to bring into the home with you.

Here is a checklist of items to bring

Packing to move in

You may be moving ten minutes down the road or several hours away. Whatever the distance, it’s still advisable to pack carefully. Here are a few of our tips to ensure that your precious belongings remain safe:

  • Label all your possessions with your name, whether these are clothes, glassware or electronics. If you are unsure, the home can advise you.
  • Take photos of your items for easy identification if things get misplaced – this is particularly helpful if you or your relative are becoming forgetful or living with dementia.
  • Pack up delicate items, such as photo frames or china/glass ornaments, using bubble-wrap to keep them cushioned and protected during the move.
  • Try to leave plenty of time to think about which items you most want to take with you and which to leave behind with family and friends. That way you can pack more confidently and logically.