Ashridge Court Care Centre


Meet our lovely resident Joyce

Joyce has been living at the home for three years and is loving it! She joins in many of the activities, and she’s especially fond of exercise, which reminds her of happy days in school when she was the captain of her netball team. Joyce was also a Brown Owl in the Brownies for many years. This involved organising activities and challenges for the Brownies and taking them on holiday, which she found very fulfilling.

Joyce remembers her parents fondly. They were both telephone operators in Broccoli, Croydon, where Joyce was born and raised. When she grew up, Joyce became a shorthand typist, working in an office for a long time as a secretary on George Street, London. Alongside this, she used to help out at a local newsagent’s shop.

She married husband Gordon, a police sergeant, at Saint Saviour’s Church, very near to their family home and where they were regular attendees. St Saviour’s was also where Joyce was a Brownie and, later, a Brownie leader.

Joyce has always loved live performances – theatre and ballet – and particularly loves listening to ballet music. She says: “Because of Gordon’s profession, he often received tickets for the theatre, and we loved going out to watch shows together”. Sadly, Gordon passed away while on duty with the police.

The couple had two daughters – Caroline and Christine – who visit her regularly, bringing their own children so Joyce can see them as much as she can!

Joyce loves dogs, cats, and other cute furry animals. Recently, she has been enjoying Wimbledon as she relishes watching tennis and reading about it in the morning paper the next day!