Ashridge Court Care Centre


Meet Chloe, a member of our Activities Team!

Chloe lives in Eastbourne and has been a part of the Activities Team for one year, although she has been a part of the Canford family for five.

She loves her job because she finds working with elderly people fulfilling. Her favourite aspect of her current role is that she gets to help the residents enjoy activities that they have created themselves, or that came from a memory that they have about their pasts. She also enjoys pouring them drinks on special occasions!

In terms of hobbies, Chloe is very involved in lots of different things! She enjoys being the leader of a local drumming group of approximately 40 people, whom she practices with twice weekly. She loves performing at a variety of events when she can, and also enjoys watching films in the cinema when they come out!

In her youth, Chloe was a member of the Sussex Bonfire society, which was a Sussex celebration in Autumn/Winter that Chloe’s family have been a part of since her grandmother was a member, when she was young! Chloe was titled a Bonfire girl there, and would attend bonfire parades with her friends, sometimes on the beach!

Chloe has been married since 2016 and has a brother and a sister and now owns two Jack Russel puppies, Max and Disney, who are both 16 weeks old.