Ashridge Court Care Centre


John’s poetic tribute to carers everywhere

John Plumb, our resident poet here at Ashridge has been busy again. His new poem – a follow-up to his recent Oh Virus! – is a heartfelt tribute to NHS and care staff all over the country.

It’s also dedicated to the legendary Aneurin Bevan (1897–1960), ex-miner, Labour MP for Ebbw Vale, Minister of Health and Father of the NHS in 1948.

Thank you NHS and Carers
For all you do for us
Day in and day out
Without fuss or to-do.

Without you what would we do?
Each and every one has a job to do
Without which other tasks could not be done.
You are important to us all.

Heartfelt thanks are due
And not too soon
To each and every one of you.
Thank you!

Now then Press
You have a job to do
With little or no cost to you.

A banner headline every day.
Only the front page will do.
Until this fuss is through.
“Thank you NHS and Carers too”.

~Aneurin Bevan MP R.I.P.~