Ashridge Court Care Centre


Introducing our resident Sheila

Sheila has been at Ashridge Court Care Centre for four years. She may already be familiar to many as she has featured in several publications, including our brochure and the Residents’ Guide!

Sheila was born in 1936 and grew up as an only child in New Cross. Her father worked in a railway ticket office and her mother in a ward of a London hospital. The family later moved to Bexleyheath.

After leaving school Shelia trained as a bank clerk. She really loved her work there and remains in contact with a few former colleagues and friends from her banking days. She is also close to her nephew Keith, who visits her as often as he can.

Sheila has always pursued a number of hobbies. As a youngster she gained a bronze medal in lifesaving and she is also a talented painter. Over the years, she has painted individual members of her family, including her ex-sister-in-law, who sadly passed away during the 1950s. Sheila has also been a keen theatre-goer and has very wide-ranging tastes, given that Romeo & Juliet and Evita are both her favorites! She also loves travelling and has visited many places in the UK, as well as Switzerland and Portugal. She is currently compiling a photo album of her memories here at Ashridge.

“My favourite thing about Ashridge is the care and friendliness of the staff – they are always there when you need them,” says Sheila. “I like waking up every morning and going to the lounge to see my friends in the home and discover what new activities are awaiting us all!”