Ashridge Court Care Centre


Initiatives to help people coming into our care home

Tablet for all new long-term residents

Making the decision to move into care is never easy at the best of times. Whether this is for you or on behalf of a loved one, you may have concerns about safety or fear that if the home closes to visitors because of Covid-19 you will not be able to see your nearest and dearest for a while.

We totally understand these uncertainties and will do everything we can to allay your anxieties and help you settle in quickly. It goes without saying, too, that we take safety very seriously, working hard to minimise the risk of infection and protect residents, their relatives and staff as much as possible.

As part of our drive to ease the inevitable stresses around making this important life change, we are giving a free tablet to everyone who takes up a place at our home (that is planned to be for more than 30 days), subject to specific terms and conditions.*

You can use your smart new 10-inch tablet to make video calls with relatives instead of a visit – if the home has to close to visitors because of a Covid-19 outbreak – or between routine visits. The tablet is also a ready-made source of entertainment with games and the ability to read or watch films and TV programmes. Your relatives can relax in the knowledge that you are happy and entertained, getting the care you need in a secure, comfortable and friendly environment, and that they can connect with you at the touch of a button whenever you and they want!

Families who need respite care offer

We know, too, that the pandemic has caused tremendous financial uncertainty and upheaval. So we also have a special offer for self-funded people who come to our home for short-term respite and convalescent care. You will receive one free day of care each week for up to two weeks.

We’d love to hear from you so please call or email us to find out more about our respite care offer or to look into your options for a more permanent stay.

* Terms and conditions
1. The tablet is available to new residents only, who are coming into our home with the intention of staying for a minimum period of 30 days.

2. The tablet is available to residents who are deemed to have capacity when assessed by Canford Healthcare staff.

3. The tablet will be provided to the family to set up on their own account when the resident has been given a date to move in.

4. Everyone who takes up the respite care offer must stay for the complete seven-day period to qualify for the free day each week, up to a maximum of two free days in a two-week period.

5. Payment of self-funded respite fees is to be made prior to admission to the care home.

6. A signed Contract for self-funded residents and signed full Terms & Conditions for all residents taking up the tablet or respite care offer will be required prior to admission to the home.