Ashridge Court Care Centre


Forget Me Knot

Loving someone who has dementia can, at times, be a challenging and very emotional experience that can be very difficult to know how to understand and cope with.

Dave Williams, our Registered Mental Health Nurse at Ashridge Court is launching a social group called ‘Ashridge Forget Me Knot’. The purpose of the group is to bring together loved ones of those who are experiencing dementia of all types and at all stages. This is a chance to share experiences and support each other in understanding and learning how to cope with some of the challenges that you might experience.

Although our nurses and carers have a great deal of knowledge and experience of supporting and caring for people with dementia, we do not have experience from their loved one’s perspective. This can be hugely beneficial for us, as well as those who love someone with dementia, to get together to ask questions, share experiences and help each other in times of difficulty.

At the first meeting, which is to take place on Thursday 9th Aug at 7pm, we aim to establish the interest in and scope of the group. This to establish with those who wish to attend the group, how it will be facilitated, how often you would like to meet, what time, where and how the group will be administered.

If you would like to attend the group, please give the team a call on 01424 842357 to confirm your attendance. This will be very helpful to ensure we cater snacks and drinks for the right number of people.