Ashridge Court Care Centre


‘The Haven’ has opened!

We are excited to launch our new outside space, named ‘The Haven’!

‘The Haven’ is a safe, secure and comfortable environment for our residents to enjoy, but most importantly it has been specifically designed to enable our residents living with dementia to enjoy a sensory experience too.

Sensory stimulation is key to improving quality of life for those living with dementia, and this space will now enable our residents to engage and interact with new things around them. Smells, colours, sounds, and touchpoints will not only stimulate old memories, but it will also provide new ways of communicating and enrich our resident’s lives.

Herbs such as mint, lavender and rosemary have been selected for their relaxing aromas, and flowers such as cosmos, marigolds and fuschias for their vibrant colours to attract attention. The space also includes interesting touchpoints, such as a sand pit, bubble machine, wind chimes and water features to ensure that every sense is stimulated.

The space also includes ornaments such as gnomes painted by the residents, as well as a space for the homes’ much-loved guinea pigs, Jennifer and Geraldine, in the summer months.

We held a fantastic party to open the space with Councillor Earl and his wife joining in on the celebrations. Glasses of bubbly, and beautifully decorated cupcakes were enjoyed by residents, friends, family and staff, with everyone raising a toast to ‘The Haven’!