Ashridge Court Care Centre


Raystede Animal Sanctuary

We love getting out in the local area, and with our friends from Oomph Wellness, we all hopped on the bus and headed out to Raystede Animal Sanctuary in East Sussex.

Raystede is a registered charity, and believes that every animal deserves a happy life free from cruelty and suffering. They rescue and rehome nearly 2,000 animals every year – from donkeys to guinea pigs, so when you visit you can really get a sense of the variety of animals that Raystede are helping.

Two of our residents, Jill & Ann both used to own small holdings so coming along to Raystede brought back so many memories. Asking both of them, what is your favourite animal, they both said goat! So, we made sure to go and visit the goats at the sanctuary before we left.

Resident Hazel told us all the stories of when she was younger and would ride in holdalls on a donkey and use it as transport whilst her mother walked beside her. It is all very different now, but we were lucky enough to see a few donkeys on our visit, so Hazel was really pleased.

A wonderful day out for all, thank you Raystede for having us!