Ashridge Court Care Centre


Meet Senior Care Assistant Rakcshya

Rakcshya has been at Ashridge since August 2009, and was always told that Ashridge Court was the best home in the area and she loves it, and doesn’t want to work anywhere else. She says “The environment here and the level of care that is provided is brilliant. The carers work as a group and we laugh and smile a lot which makes the residents happy and the nurses are really supportive to each other as well.”

Rakcshya’s whole family have worked here, her husband (who now works in infection control at the hospital), her mum, aunt, two cousins and her brother, it really has been a family affair! Rakcshya learnt her English at Ashridge Court from the residents so she really does have a very strong emotional attachment with the home and the residents.

Her husband made one of the residents an origami frog and she kept it close to her at all times and it was still beside her when she passed away. If Rakcshya has a little bit of time she will do their nails or just chat with them.

Outside of work, she has a 7 year old son who has autism and she spends all her spare time with him. He comes into work on occasions and the residents love him. He is very active and likes to swim and cook, and is saving for a new cooker. Her biggest challenge with him is getting him to do his homework!

Rakcshya catches up with friends when she can, and she really wants to learn a violin, she’s trying but I don’t sound very good at the moment!

Rakcshya is originally from Nepal and she misses the food and festivals. Her favourite food from her home country is momo which Is like a spicy version of a Chinese dumpling and she occasionally makes them at home.