Ashridge Court Care Centre


Meet Senior Care Assistant Lisa

Lisa has been at the home for nearly a year and a half and says “We are all one big family here and we look after our residents as we would a member of our own family. I like to buy them things that I think they would like, little treats of sweets and things for the bath. I sometimes come in on my days off as well and so do other members of staff.”

One of the residents likes to tease Lisa with her recorder as she knows it affects her hearing aid, and she has one resident who is such a great laugh, she loves Ed Sheeran and Lisa loves to make time to play it with her and dance. Lisa says “We aren’t just here for personal care, we are here to look after them and make them smile. I will dress up in crazy things and just make the extra effort just to make them laugh and smile.”

Outside of work, Lisa likes to clean! She likes family time and the outdoors, and she has a 2-year-old son a 12-year-old daughter so she is kept busy, but shares child-care with her sister-in-law who also works at the home. Which the Managers at Ashridge help to accommodate, and allow the girls to work set days around each other.

Relaxing time for Lisa is in a bath with Netflix and the door locked, unfortunately, it doesn’t happen very often as she likes to spend as much time as she can with her family. Lisa mentioned when talking about her family “My children are the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life. I am really close to my sister and she is in the process of moving to Eastbourne and I am really looking forward to that she will be living close to us. We talk every day, sometimes multiple times a day.”

Lisa also loves Disney films and she would sit with her daughter and watch them when she was younger but she is too old now so she is waiting for her son to get a little older so she can watch them all over again!

Lisa loves dancing and did street dance for a while when she was younger. She is always in the process of learning sign language as she wears a hearing aid and she is losing her hearing so Lisa will be teaching everyone at Ashridge sign language very soon!